• Rare Objects for $7.50 each for xmas

    Just enter 'XMAS3' in the discount box at check out to receive 50% of all remaining Rare Objects.

    'Chooks' for $7.50 a peep, a brood! Two 'Family Idiot's for $15! Or 'Night Birds' $7.50 a host! Or get 'Under Rats' for the same. Yikes!

    Go on stuff 'em in your hamper, stuff 'em in your bon bons, hang them on your xmas tree. Send them to friends with your New Years cards to get 2013 smashingly started well.

    Titles available from Nick Whittock, Nikki Stasko, Zen Kelen,Kit Kelen, Adrian Wiggins, Niobe Syme, James Stuart, Nguyễn Tiên Hoàng, Jill Jones, Eddie Paterson, Fiona Hile, Corey Wakeling, Michelle Cahill, Judith Bishop, Debbie Lim, Liam Ferney, Kris Hemensley, Lionel Fogarty, Justin Clemens, Luke Davies, Ali Alizadeh, Felicity Plunkett, Sam Wagan Watson, Thomas Shapcott, Stuart Cooke, Jen Jewel Brown, Chris Edwards, Kevin Hart, and Alison Croggon for $7.50 a pop.

    Please devour this lipsmacking xmas feast of poetry on offer and help us make room in Liz's attic for the beautiful Asian Pacific onslaught starting in 2013. Make room, make room. It's not soylent green, it's poetry.

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