• Xmas Special on some of the bigger Vagabonds.

    We seriously have to make room for the new titles and get some cash together for the printers. Help save Liz's rafters and get the printers' kids through school. So...

    Titles available until December 25 for $15:

    Jessica L. Wilkinson, marionette
    Yan Jun, You Jump To Another Dream
    Ali Cobby Eckermann, Love dreaming & other poems
    Lionel Fogarty, Mogwie Idan: Stories of the land
    Jan-Willem Anker, I didn't know what
    Elizabeth Allen, Body Language
    Chris Edwards, People of Earth 
    Louis Armand, Letters from Ausland
    Ken Bolton, A whistled bit of bop
    Leith Morton, Tokyo
    Yasuhiro Yotsumoto, Family Room 
    John Kinsella, Sacre Coeur

    And as they're a little smaller but no less beautiful for $5.00 each:

    Kate Lilley, Round Vienna
    Martin Harrison, Music

    Enter 'XMAS4' in the discount box at checkout. Please share this with your networks and on Facebook.

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