• Heartfelt thanks to the Australia Council for the Arts for supporting 5 new vagabond titles.

    We're really pleased and grateful to the Australia Council for the Arts for funding five upcoming collections. The funding makes a massive difference in terms of the pragmatics of paying the poets and printers and getting the books as beautiful as can be. Alongside that and as equally important is the recognition and boost, the sense that what we're doing as crazy as it is to be publishing poetry in the twenty-first century--and as necessary as it is while the world's crazy laps us over and over--is wanted, that the ride is worth the ticket. The support isn't simply financial but psychological, the generosity of spirit and the very real and felt commitment to literature (and no doubt the other arts) of the people working at the Australia Council is fuel in our tank and means the world. So we're profoundly grateful on all counts, and really pleased to be able to pay the poets up front, while getting their work some of that offset, thread-sewn, decent paper stock goodness.

    Just about to update the poets' pages, but congrats in order to Pam Brown, Kate Lilley, Bella Li, Philip Mead and Ken Bolton. We only exist because of our writers and our readers.

    All going well the five new titles will be available from April.

    Again, thanks to the Australia Council for the Arts for the much-needed support and to the poets for trusting us with their work.

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