Vagabond Press started with the Rare Object Series in July 1999, publishing two small chapbooks of poetry by David Brooks and Nick Riemer. Over a decade later, with 100 individual titles published between 1999-2014, the series remains iconic in Australian poetry publishing, bringing together key emerging and established Australian poets at the turn into the twenty-first century, and being remarkable for the quality of the work published and the design and production values. Originally based on a combination of the design values of French press Fata Morgana and Neil Astley's beautiful Poetical Histories series, the Rare Objects is remarkable for the cover art produced by Kay Orchison, exquisitely conceived and designed in response to each poet's work. The chapbooks were printed in limited editions of 100 copies, signed and numbered by the author. This was publishing with the focus first and foremost on the work and the reader, creating beautiful handmade objects that are made to disperse and disappear quickly within a community of readers. This initial experiment in independent publishing was a catalyst in the resurgence of independent Australian poetry publishing over the first decade of the twenty-first century, and remains the groundwork and foundation of the press. A labour of love, commitment to new writing and community.