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    WINNER of the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards 2018 (Poetry).
    Shortlisted for the NSW Premier's Literary Awards 2018 (Poetry).
    Commended in The Wesley Michel Wright Prize in Poetry.

    This innovative full-length collection, drawing inspiration from the surrealist collage novels of Max Ernst, is an arresting and utterly unique assemblage of poetry, collage and photography. In two parts, the book engages with themes of travel and exploration, language and loss, identity and originality, as well as the relationship between poetry and other disciplines: the visual arts, history, literature and film. Polyglot in sensibility and content, and daring in construction, Argosy defies categorisation. Grounded firmly in Australian contemporary poetic practice, the book is also outward-looking in its approach to form and content; it constitutes a landmark in both local and international poetics.

    ‘Li is a cartographer of a different kind. Her map-making is as aesthetic as it is topographic, plotting fragmented histories, horizons and the spectral lands of memory and dream.’ Tamryn Bennett, Mascara Literary Review

    'The poems from Bella Li’s Argosy are drawn from an exquisite livre composé (inspired by the famous collage novels of the Surrealist painter Max Ernst), in which dense series of prose poems are set against rectified historical images of an absorbing strangeness. Near-hallucinatory visions are generated from Li’s beautifully-machinated encounters of character and image.' Judges comments for the The Wesley Michel Wright Prize in Poetry.

    '...a new wild object, a declaration about how poetry can look and be.' Bella Li's Argosy reviewed by Elena Gomez in Jacket2.

    '...lingering, painstaking, experimental and damn good in a risky and ambitious multimodal form.' Bella Li's Argosy reviewed by Alison Whittaker in Overland.
    'For all that Argosy is a work that draws upon many texts, Li occupies distinctively original imaginative spaces within her writing. Familiarity with the specific novels and films to which she refers can work in concert with her writing, but it is equally possible to fall into this work without seeking each and every intertextual link. The gestures through which Li examines the worlds of her characters create a sustained voice and vision.'  Bella Li's Argosy reviewed by Kate Middleton in Cordite.

    'There's a wonderful disharmony to these poems: they radiate wonder and doom at the same time.' Bella Li's Argosy reviewed by Ellen Cregan in Readings.

    'Argosy is a beautiful coming together of poetry, visual art, history, and cartography, emergent from the journals of La Pérouse, and informed by collage novels of Max Ernst. The work is of such historical scope, yet always turns back onto this sense of ephemerality, of searching for something that is invisible.' Conversation between Bella Li and Mindy Gill on Argosy in Peril.


    Bella Li is the author of Maps, Cargo (Vagabond Press, 2013), shortlisted for the 2014 Wesley Michel Wright Prize, and Argosy (Vagabond Press, 2017)—a book of poetry, photography and collage—commended in the 2017 Wesley Michel Wright Prize and awarded the 2018 Victorian Premier's Literary Award for Poetry. Her work has been published in a range of journals and anthologies, including Best Australian Poems and The Kenyon Review, and displayed at the George Paton Gallery and in the Triennial of the National Gallery of Victoria.

    Bella Li, Argosy
    RRP $35.00
    2017. 180pp. 229mm x 152mm. PB. 57 colour images. 
    ISBN 978-1-922181-96-1 (2018, 2nd printing)

    Release date: February 2017. Second Printing available March 20, 2018.


  • Bella Li, Argosy
  • Bella Li, Argosy

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