• Chris Edwards, utensils in a landscape

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    Chris Edwards’ first chapbook, utensils in a landscape (2001) is a collection of collage-based poems featuring “I, quaint blip” and its adventures, misadventures, and attempts to flee same, aboard “the spaceship I / grew up on”. Part Goons, part Proust, and featuring man-on-man action as well what used to be called “womanly” wiles, its humour is in earnest, its conventions experimental. It was described by Peter Rose (The Age Quarterly, 2002) as “one of the finest poetry titles of the year”.

    “One of the finest poetry titles of the year … unflinching in its avant-gardism and seriousness.” — Peter Rose, The Age Quarterly

    “Death-defyingly rich and alive in associations and allusions … indeed, ‘A royal feast!’.” — Javant Biarujia, Boxkite

    “It is something one wouldn’t usually associate with postmodern poetry: engaging.” — David McCooey, Australian Book Review

    Chris Edwards lives in Sydney, Australia, where he works as a freelance editor, typographer and graphic designer.

    2001. 44pp. ISBN 0-9578378-5-2

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