With the completion of the iconic Rare Objects series in 2014, the dB series was established to open the Vagabond list up and out to new voices and new forms in the years to come. Over the next few years, we will collaborate with guest editors to bring together sets of ten works. Form and genre are open and up to the editor, as is the design and format. We're interested in prose, essays, interviews, short films, soundscapes, collaborations, installations, translations, memoir, poetics, philosophical tracts, theatre scripts, photographic works, painting, sculpture, lithographs and on and on. Transnational, working across genres and forms, the deciBels is an experiment in publishing, aimed at taking us and our readers off on new vectors. One editor, ten contributors, wide open space.

Series 1 (November 2014): 10 collections of poetry edited by Pam Brown, designed by Chris Edwards.

Read editor Pam Brown's introduction to dB series 1.

All 10 books in a single order available here.