We will be accepting submissions for our 2023 list from July 1-15 and will respond to all submissions by the end of August.

We'll be looking for collections of poetry, short stories, essays, novellas and novels. We are always interested in works in translation from Asia Pacific and first books. As a basic rule of thumb, we're looking for poetry collections over 60-120 pages in length and prose works of 90-300 pages. Manuscripts must be complete at the time of submission.

We're also interested in possibly starting a new series of short creative non-fiction prose books (up to 30,000 words) responding to experiences and events, evolutions and revolutions from the first two decades of this century, not least the pandemic, the Anthropocene, the floods and fires of the last few years, Asia Pacific's rapidly changing politics and culture, the digital, social, street, city and natural spaces and scapes we inhabit, and how we face the future individually and as communities after several years of rolling disasters and fractured politics. We're interested in work that draws from lived experience, leaning into the essay form and/or memoir. We hope to bring together a diverse range of short books from writers in Asia Pacific reflecting on contemporary experience and to open up a space to understand where we are now and how we are to survive, co-exist, heal and flourish (or scatter, adapt and remember).

Writers will need to submit a PDF of their manuscript and complete an online form that will be available on this page from July 1, providing a brief synopsis of the work (300 words) and the author’s bio (300 words), along with some other information about their publishing history and the manuscript. 

We're always interested in hearing from institutions or potential funding partners able to support new writing and help keep us publishing, or interested in partnering on projects. For our 2023 list, we will be looking at various funding streams in order to publish new work. Our aim is to publish at least ten titles in 2023, but would very much like to double that depending on the manuscripts we receive and the funding available. If an institution, corporation or individual would like to fund the production of one title or a series of titles we select via the open call, please get in touch and we can discuss what's possible.

Submissions won't be accepted outside the submission dates. Please do not submit manuscripts that are currently under offer to another publisher (but no problem if it's been rejected by a publisher previously.

Please check back in on July 1 to submit your manuscript. We're looking forward to reading your work.