Creative Partnerships

Unlike most small to mid-size literary publishers in Australia we are not housed and supported by a university. If you're a university faculty or arts institution working in creative writing, literature, art or cultural studies, and want to give a small innovative press a home (anywhere in the world) and help us grow, please get in touch.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss creative partnerships with institutions such as university creative writing programs, journals, and bequests wanting to support new work in an ongoing way by becoming a major sponsor or even collaborate in the process as a creative partner.

One current example of a creative partnership is the work we do with the Helen Anne Bell Bequest Award for Poetry, which is run by the English Department of the University of Sydney. Through this partnership we have published Fiona Hile's Subtraction, Melinda Bufton's Moxie and Emily Stewart's Running Time.

With sufficient support, we have the capacity to produce single titles, a new list or an entire imprint. While we love poetry, we're very keen to start producing new titles focused on contemporary society, politics and culture in Asia Pacific, as well continuing to develop lists in memoir and fiction. To survive and become sustainable, we need to secure ongoing support.

If your institution would like to suggest a project, please get in touch.

* * *

We love making books. For twenty years we have been devoted to fostering new writing and increasing the range and diversity of Australian literature and bringing literature from Asia Pacific to English-language readers for the first time. We have taken risks and published books that otherwise would not have been published, many of which have gone on to shortlist for or scoop up national literary awards in Australia. Right now, we're struggling to continue to do what we love most: making books.
Our recent open call showed us again just how much publishable poetry and prose is out there. We've tried to increase our output for 2023 in order to create more space for more voices. We don't have the resources or institutional support of other small and medium presses in Australia. If we did, we'd do more. More books, more space for more voices.
We're always interested to hear proposals for partnerships or funding options so that we can keep making books. We're still looking for an institutional home or a philanthropist (where are you the Judith Neilson of small press literary publishing?) to fund us so it's not the constant struggle to survive. If you're out there and want to create space for us to really get to work, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Alternatively, you can shout us a coffee or become a partner and help keep us publishing, or just as good, go buy a book!