Vagabond Press is an independent literary press that was established in 1999 out of the desire to open up a space for new writing. For close on two decades we have published a range of established and emerging poets from Australia and more recently Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Our books have won many of the major literary prizes in Australia, while our Rare Object Series has become iconic in contemporary Australian poetry, publishing many of the key emerging poets of the last decade for the first time. In recent years we have encouraged and fostered new writing and collaborations working across languages, genres and national boundaries, while expanding our prose list in fiction and non-fiction and starting a new transnational chapbook series, the deciBels series, with the aim of facilitating new engagement, new work and new community. In 2016 we started to seek and receive funding from the Australia Council for the Arts and LTI Korea for which we are grateful and which will help the press continue and hopefully remain sustainable into the future. We have close ties with a number of literary communities around Asia Pacific and the Americans, north and south, hope in the coming years to develop new platforms and opportunities for our writers. Vagabond Press aims to create a transnational context for our writers and to continue to support the production and promotion of innovative, sometimes iconoclastic, new writing across a range of genres, politics and poetics.