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Vagabond Press is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.




In late 2020 we tried crowdfunding for the first time using the GoFundMe Platform. We set our target as $17,000 to cover costs related to publishing Funding will contribute to costs related to producing the following titles: LK Holt's 'Capacity', Tanikawa Shuntarō's 'Ordinary People' and Shinkawa Kazue's 'Selected Poems' along with some other bills. Thanks to the generosity of our community of readers, reached 75% of our target in just over a day and hit our target a couple days later. Along with gaining the opportunity to bring out three new collections and get some breathing room, we were given a very clear signal that the work we do is wanted and needed and that we're not in this alone. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who stepped up, chipped in and helped us keep the door opens through 2021.

Pam Brown ($300), Anonymous ($100), Anonymous ($150), Anonymous ($20), Chris Holdaway ($100), Georgina Ballantine ($20), Noel Jeffs SSF ($10), Anonymous ($250), Alex Skovron ($75), Tony Messenger ($50), Anonymous ($2,000), Anonymous ($500), Tobias Ansted ($20), John Thawley ($30), Ian Gibbins ($250), Toby Fitch ($50), Anselm Berrigan ($100), Peter Boyle ($82), Debra Adelaide ($200), Susan Potter ($50), Sandy Libing ($20), Adam Ford ($25), Elizabeth Webby ($300), Martin Duwell ($200), Dan Disney ($100), John Turner ($20), Vivian Luu ($20), DJ Huppatz ($50), Anna Gibbs ($100), Michael Moran ($100), Anonymous ($2,000), Rico Craig ($150), Nick Whittock ($150), Melissa Swann ($50), Liam Ferney ($100), Anonymous ($1,000), Elaine Minor ($100), Catrina Swann ($50), Yasuhiro Yotsumoto ($100), Stuart Barnes ($50), Clare Millar ($20), Anonymous ($10), Ellina Zipman ($18), Hazel Smith ($100), Roger Stuart ($100), Anonymous ($500), Anonymous ($1,000), Luke Best ($100), Kendall Heitzman ($30), Helen Grace ($100), Anonymous ($1,000), Bernadette Brennan ($250), Debbie Lim ($50), Anonymous ($100), Adam Aitken ($50), Carmine Frascarelli ($100), Inez Baranay ($10), Rebecca Jessen ($50), Anonymous ($200), Anonymous ($400), Anonymous ($30), Joel Ephraims ($50), Anonymous ($30), Anders Villani ($50), Anonymous ($20), Eunyun and Tom ($3,600), Vanessa Smith ($100), Anonymous ($30), Beth Yahp ($500), Elizabeth Allen ($500), Julia Clark ($30), Anonymous ($15), Anonymous ($25).


Heartfelt thanks to the visionary supporters who share our ambition to build an open independent space for new writing in Asia Pacific.

About donating We welcome support from individuals and institutions and will proudly celebrate donations made towards specific projects here as well as in the finished books. If you would like to support a forthcoming title or one of our ongoing lists please get in touch. Help keep us publishing.

$20,000+ Donations of $20,000 or more will support production costs for three or more titles and will help keep us publishing.
$10,000-19,999 Donations of $10,000 or more will support production costs for two or more titles and will help keep us publishing.
$5,000-9,999 Donations of $5,000-9,999 will support production costs of one or more titles and will help keep us publishing.
Peter Boyle (2020) to support the 2020 publication of Poems of Hwang Yuwon, Ha Jaeyoun & Seo Dae-kyung and the second printing of Natalie Harkin's Archival-Poetics.
$2,000-4,999 Donations of $2,000-4,999 will contribute significantly to production costs of one or two titles and will help keep us publishing.
$500-1,999 Donations of $500-1,999 will contribute to production costs of one title and will help keep us publishing.
VB & Sybille Smith (2020) towards the costs of publishing a collection of poetry by Japanese poet Shinkawa Kazue.
Professor Elizabeth Webby (1999) from Southerly which helped establish Vagabond Press.

$50-$499 Donations of $50-499 will contribute to the running costs of the press and will help keep us publishing.

Anton Pujol (2021)
Edric Mesmer (2021)
Professor Elizabeth Webby (2020)


We celebrate and welcome funded creative partnerships with institutions, universities, and bequests. Learn more.

The Helen Anne Bell Bequest Award
The Helen Anne Bell Poetry Bequest Awards were established under the terms of Helen Anne Bell's will. The Award is presented by University of Sydney's Department of English every two years, with a $7000 cash prize and publication with Vagabond Press. The Award is given to an Australian woman poet for a collection of previously unpublished poems.



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