We're a small press working out of a love for new writing and innovation in publishing. Vagabond Press gratefully acknowledges the visionary individuals and institutions who share our commitment to world literature.

SOFY Campaign 2023: JUST ONE BOOK

Early in July we asked everyone on our mailing list to buy just one book, with the overall goal of selling 1737 books over July, and so getting a shot of adrenaline to carry us through into a new year of publishing, doing what we love and making books by some of the most interesting writers around.

We're hugely grateful to the hardcore of readers, writers, bookshop partners and institutions who stepped in and ordered just one book, and often several more. At the end of the campaign we have sold: 390 books. We didn't reach our goal but we did reach our community of beautiful, bighearted readers, and we feel the very real and very meaningful support that's there. One of our guiding principles has always been to grow small and to work with people who share the same spirit of care, struggle and sustainability.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has jumped in over the last month: Aisha Trambas, Amy Crutchfield, Anne Elvey, Jo Gardiner, Clare Carlin, Pij Olijnyk, Dominique Hecq, Ed Southorn, Mark O'Flynn, Beryl Langer, Judith Bishop, Alice Allan, Cecilia Soriano, Jacqui Righetti, Inez Baranay, Elaine Minor, Vera Di Campli San Vito, Judith Durrant, Sholto Buck, Louise Carter, Elizabeth Allen, Ella Skilbeck-Porter, Lion-do Tokyo, Youyousha Tokyo, Jiyuko Kobe, Kohon-ya Tokyo, Twilight Tokyo, Torch Minami-Izu, Suzu Theater Museum, Sayaka Ōsaki, Stephanie Key, AF&GF Jones, Bella Li, Martin Duwell, LK Holt, Dan Disney, Ryan Bautista, Natalie Ironfield, Brittney Mischker, Anna Giulinn, Christopher Brown, James Lu, Rouel Dayoan, Emilie Collyer, Isabelle Oderberg, Laura Elvery, Alison Thompson, Ann Vickery, Cecilia Soriano, Graeme Miles, Katherine Rees, Broede Carmody, Kylie Hough, Kim Sami, Justine Poon, Sue Bond, Flynn Howard, Alyson Miller, Coco Stallman, Melinda Graefe, Jennifer Thomas, Clare Millar, Paul Healy, Nari Clarke, Rory Green, Cheryl Howard, Jonathon Shaw, John Williams, Lyudmila Ilieva, Belinda Castles, Luke Beesley, Jennifer Mackenzie, Narelle Jarvis, Amanda MacRae, Peter Ramm, Peter Frearson, Brunswick Bound, Anna Collyer, Brenden Newton, Yasuhiro Yotsumoto, Kendall Heitzman & the Iowa International Writing Program, Felicity Plunkett, Victoria Korth, Ray Walker, Ashley C Haywood, Alan Wearne, Thom Sullivan, Pascalle Burton, Brunswick Bound (again!), Emily Vrandich, Alexander Ewan, Luke Davies, Ken Bolton, Kirli Saunders, Isaac Close Schaffer, Luke Fischer, Jodie Young, James Bennett, Kim Burrell, Laila Ewart, Peter Pal Library Supplier, Fiona Morrison, Melissa Hardie, Chris Edwards, Maria Sava, Eliza Burke.

Thanks to your support, we're able to start working towards new titles in 2024.

2023 New Work Campaign: Ōsaki, Yotsumoto, Williamson, Taguchi.

In December 2022, we launched a campaign to support the publication of four new titles, three from Japan, one from Australia. While the campaign didn't reach its target, in February 2022 we were able to release three of the four titles (Yotsumoto, Williamson and Taguchi), while leaving a little more lead time to complete work and seek funding from other sources for Sayaka Ōsaki's debut collection in English, translated by Jeffrey Angles, and then see it out late 2023 or early 2024. We're grateful to everyone who supported this campaign and so gave us practical support and shared spirit to keep taking risks and publishing work that might not other make it into print. If publishing poetry is an uphill battle, then publishing poetry in translation is trench warfare. But we're not giving up. We believe in the value of what we do and continue to love making books and seeing them to readers. Warmest thanks to the fifteen big hearted souls who stepped in to help us keep expanding the range, risk-taking and possibility of small press publishing in Australia.

THANK YOU: Konrad Winkler, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Emilie Collyer, Peter Ramm, Anne Holms, Anonymous, Teresa Pitt, Rhonda Small, Karin G. Derkley, John Wiseman, Julius Roe, Peter Christoff, Stephanie Powell & Barbara Weimar.

2022 New Work Campaign: Collyer, Boyle, Wolf, Verrall, Fischer

In December 2021, after having funding applications rejected by RISE, the Australia Council for the Arts and along with one with Create NSW we were attached to, we turned to our community for help to see collections by Emilie Collyer, Peter Boyle, Misbah Wolf, Suzanne Verrall and Luke Fischer into the world and to keep us publishing. In all, we raised $24,919 through 227 donations. The following supporters gave us the chance to publish five new collections by Australian poets, and to survive another year. We're extremely grateful for the essential support that meant we could bring out new work in 2022.

Especial thanks to major donors Bret Walker, Anon, D Burbrook, Anon, Vrasidas Karalis, Danielle Celermajer, Anon, Kym Bagley, Anon.

Anon, Rose Cavanagh, Anon, Elaine Minor, D Burbrook, Taish Shaw, Anon, H F Jones, Vanessa Bates, Alice Bishop, Oliver Coleman, Camilla A Hannan, Kieran Carroll, Madeleine Flynn, Vanessa Chapple, Vikki Petraitis, Darry Fraser, Peta Murray, Tony Messenger, Brenton Carey, Anon, Anon, Michele Lee, Cat Hope, Vicki Packer, Raimondo Cortese, Anon, Emilie Baker, Amanda Buckley, Kevin Hopkins, Ahmarnya Price, Anon, Anon, Wahibe Moussa, Catherine Traicos, Jane Rawson, Anon, Romy Ash, Anon, Anon, JM Green, Ben Ellis, Alana Kelsall, Andy Jackson, Amra Pajalic, Anon, Kiran Bhat, Anon, Mish Leber, Angela Costi, Kate Hood, Deborah Lee, Tamara Saulwick, Anne Wilson, Alison Croggon, Brigid Connor, Bridget Balodis, Jessica Griffiths, Thunder Verrall, Vrasidas Karalis, Tamryn Bennett, Bronywn Sharpe, Ravi Shankar, Sonya Suares, Anon, Folke Tersman, Martin Duwell, Anon, Emma Hall, Danielle Celermajer, Nathaniel Williams, Anne M Carson, Dan Giovannoni, Anon, Maryla Rose, Judith Beveridge, Damian Callinan, Stephen Edgar, Michael Havir, Jacqui Malins, Lab Kelpie, Josiah Lulham, Sam Shpall, Bridgette Burton, Goetz Richter, Clinton Green, Michele Seminara, Patricia Cornelius, Toby Davidson, Prudence Clark, Angela Meyer, Alice Allan, Sandra Renew, Alice Ansara, Jeanette Tong, Fran Ponsonby, Simeon Kronenberg, Anon, Anon, Claudine Lebrun, Telia Nevile, Judith Bishop, Anon, Andrew Baldwin, Bronwyn Blaiklock, Daniel Schlusser, Michelle Cahill, Josh Cake, Miriam Mani, Liz Allen, Anon, Toni Jordan, Marco Cher, Hilary Bell, Anon, Anon, Wendy Fleming, Marion Schwarzrock, William McBride, Demet Divaroren, Imbi Neeme, Gabriella Munoz, Katherine Tonkin, Tricky Walsh, Mukesh V, Anon, Anon, Gerard Lewis-Fitzgerald, Kym Bagley, Morgan Aldrich, Anon, Anon, Anon, M Lewis, Terri-ann White, Adam Ford, Mal McKimmie, Laura Brinson, Bryony Wilson, Anon, Helena Spyrou, Georgia Symons, Ian McCloud, Ann Shenfield, Anon, Anon, Louise Carter, D E Killian, Anon, Vicki Bennett, Pompei Ranaldo, Ruth Fogarty, Erin Shiel, Jenny Toune, Helen Snyders,Tricia Dearborn, Anon, Ali Wurm, JF Knight, Danielle Dona, Christopher (Kit) Kelen, Georgina Capper, Adam May, Anon, Prithvi Varatharajan, Bret Walker, Anon, Anon, Anon, Anon, Anders Villani, Jacqueline McEvoy, Mark Reid, Jean Kent, Georgina Mercer, Mark Mahemoff, Bernadette Trench-Thiedeman, Alex Skovron, David Adès, Midori Kasai, Irina Holca, Camilla Flodin, Anon, Juno Gemes, Jen Webb, Anon, Anon, Anon, Olivia Satchell, Alison Goodman, Don Jamison, Laura Summer, Jeffrey Hipolito, Richard James Allen, Zeina Issa, Anon, Anon, John Foulcher, Anna Collyer, Anon, Narelle Debney, Anuja Ghosalkar, Dora Abraham, Daragh Byrne, Anon, Vicki Simmonds, Peter Banki , Ann McNeill, Alice Darling, Debbie Lim, Rosalind McFarlane, Helen Symon, Kathryn Adams, Laura Fisher, Anon, Anon, Anon, Lesh Karana, Shastra Deo, Anon, Anon, Anon, Anon, Denise Jeremy-Howell, Samantha Butterworth.

2021-22 New Work Fund: Dan Disney and Petra White

In early 2021, we opened up a new campaign to fund new titles from Dan Disney and Petra White. In May 2021 we had raised $2,465 from 17 donors. While we didn't reach our goal of $10,200, we took a deep breath and went ahead to press.

Anonymous ($500), Leonie Starnawski ($50), Anonymous ($10), Anonymous ($40), Anonymous ($10), Richard Johnson ($50), Martha Matthews ($100), Anonymous ($200), Roger Shepherd ($10), Junghoon Lee ($50), Anonymous ($50), Eunice Liew ($10), Don and Judy White ($500), Anonymous ($600), Thom Sullivan ($100), Julia Clark ($25).



In late 2020 we tried crowdfunding for the first time using the GoFundMe Platform. We set our target as $17,000 to cover costs related to publishing Funding will contribute to costs related to producing the following titles: LK Holt's 'Capacity', Tanikawa Shuntarō's 'Ordinary People' and Shinkawa Kazue's 'Selected Poems' along with some other bills. Thanks to the generosity of our community of readers, reached 75% of our target in just over a day and hit our target a couple days later. Along with gaining the opportunity to bring out three new collections and get some breathing room, we were given a very clear signal that the work we do is wanted and needed and that we're not in this alone. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who stepped up, chipped in and helped us keep the door opens through 2021.

Pam Brown ($300), Anonymous ($100), Anonymous ($150), Anonymous ($20), Chris Holdaway ($100), Georgina Ballantine ($20), Noel Jeffs SSF ($10), Anonymous ($250), Alex Skovron ($75), Tony Messenger ($50), Anonymous ($2,000), Anonymous ($500), Tobias Ansted ($20), John Thawley ($30), Ian Gibbins ($250), Toby Fitch ($50), Anselm Berrigan ($100), Peter Boyle ($82), Debra Adelaide ($200), Susan Potter ($50), Sandy Libing ($20), Adam Ford ($25), Elizabeth Webby ($300), Martin Duwell ($200), Dan Disney ($100), John Turner ($20), Vivian Luu ($20), DJ Huppatz ($50), Anna Gibbs ($100), Michael Moran ($100), Anonymous ($2,000), Rico Craig ($150), Nick Whittock ($150), Melissa Swann ($50), Liam Ferney ($100), Anonymous ($1,000), Elaine Minor ($100), Catrina Swann ($50), Yasuhiro Yotsumoto ($100), Stuart Barnes ($50), Clare Millar ($20), Anonymous ($10), Ellina Zipman ($18), Hazel Smith ($100), Roger Stuart ($100), Anonymous ($500), Anonymous ($1,000), Luke Best ($100), Kendall Heitzman ($30), Helen Grace ($100), Anonymous ($1,000), Bernadette Brennan ($250), Debbie Lim ($50), Anonymous ($100), Adam Aitken ($50), Carmine Frascarelli ($100), Inez Baranay ($10), Rebecca Jessen ($50), Anonymous ($200), Anonymous ($400), Anonymous ($30), Joel Ephraims ($50), Anonymous ($30), Anders Villani ($50), Anonymous ($20), Eunyun and Tom ($3,600), Vanessa Smith ($100), Anonymous ($30), Beth Yahp ($500), Elizabeth Allen ($500), Julia Clark ($30), Anonymous ($15), Anonymous ($25), Anne Carson ($100).


Heartfelt thanks to the visionary supporters who share our ambition to build an open independent space for new writing in Asia Pacific.

About donating We welcome support from individuals and institutions and will proudly celebrate donations made towards specific projects here as well as in the finished books. If you would like to support a forthcoming title or one of our ongoing lists please get in touch.

$20,000+ Donations of $20,000 or more will support production costs for three or more titles and will help keep us publishing.
$10,000-19,999 Donations of $10,000 or more will support production costs for two or more titles and will help keep us publishing.
$5,000-9,999 Donations of $5,000-9,999 will support production costs of one or more titles and will help keep us publishing.
Brent Walker (2021) to support our 2022 New Work Crowdfunding Campaign
Peter Boyle (2020) to support the 2020 publication of Poems of Hwang Yuwon, Ha Jaeyoun & Seo Dae-kyung and the second printing of Natalie Harkin's Archival-Poetics.
$2,000-4,999 Donations of $2,000-4,999 will contribute significantly to production costs of one or two titles and will help keep us publishing.
$500-1,999 Donations of $500-1,999 will contribute to production costs of one title and will help keep us publishing.
Dan Disney (2022)
Adam Aitken (2021)
VB & Sybille Smith (2020) towards the costs of publishing a collection of poetry by Japanese poet Shinkawa Kazue.
Professor Elizabeth Webby (1999) from Southerly which helped establish Vagabond Press.

$50-$499 Donations of $50-499 will contribute to the running costs of the press and will help keep us publishing.

Jane Petkovic (2021)
Anton Pujol (2021)
Edric Mesmer (2021)
Professor Elizabeth Webby (2020)


In 2021, we signed up to Buy Me A Coffee in the hope of growing an ongoing support base so that we can keep the lights on. We're grateful to the kind souls willing to shout us a coffee or two once a month over the long haul (Visit membership panel on our BMAC page to join).

Elaine Minor (2024)

Thom Sullivan (July, 2023)

Flynn Howard (July, 2023)

Elizabeth Allen (July, 2023)

Elaine Minor (July, 2023)

The Other Beauty (September, 2022)

Rosie Maia (July, 2022)

Jo Gardiner (April, 2022)

Pij Olijynk (April, 2022)

Michael Witts (March, 2022).

Rory Waldron-Glyde (March, 2022)

Adam Aitken (October, 2021)

Kate Lilley (October, 2021)

Adam Gall (October, 2021)

Susan Thomas (October, 2021)

Dan Disney (November, 2021)

Johanna Featherstone (November, 2021)

Pam Brown (November, 2021)



We celebrate and welcome funded creative partnerships with institutions, universities, and bequests. Learn more.

The Helen Anne Bell Bequest Award
In 2021, the Helen Anne Bell Poetry Bequest Award offers a $40,000 prize. Women poets are invited to submit a collection of poems between 50 to 80 pages to the award. The work should broadly deal with Australian culture in some way; otherwise, there are no restrictions on the subject matter. The prize will be judged by Kate Lilley, Pam Brown and Melinda Bufton. The winning collection will be published by Vagabond Press. 
Visit the Department of English, University of Sydney for more information.


Our readers are our most important supporters. Every single book ordered helps us keep publishing. We want to thank every reader over twenty years who has ordered a book from us and especially the readers below who have supported us year after year by regularly ordering books and so providing consistent and ongoing support.

Elizabeth Webby*
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Elizabeth Allen
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Pascalle Burton
Stuart Barnes
Rosalind McFarlane
Brigitta MacDonald
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Adam Aitken


*Warm thanks to our subscribers who have supported the press over years, subscribing to one of every title.

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