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Poetry publishing is not a business. We wish it was. We love making books. It's all we want to do.

But at present, without support it's unsustainable. Unlike most other small presses in Australia, we do not have an institutional home and all the practical and financial support that comes with that. In recent years, the Australia Council for the Arts has supported book projects and as a result we've managed to keep producing beautiful award-winning books.

2020 has been hard year. In February 2020 we lost some 2000 books in the Marrickville floods and then COVID struck.

Right now, we need your support. The simplest way to support us is to buy a book, or two, or give a friend a gift card. If we could sell around 5000 books a year, we would start to become sustainable.

We welcome support from individuals, philanthropists, private or public patrons, institutions and government. We have set-up a page on our website here to acknowledge and celebrate our supporters, partners and donors. Where donors and partners provide significant funding for book projects, we also acknowledge their generosity in the books themselves.

If you love independent writing and creativity, and beautifully made books, please think about giving. Every book sale, every donation counts towards our survival.