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    Description: Pam Brown writes: "The new collection continues the course of my offbeat, fragmentary yet often discursive poems. The poems, in part, epitomize the absurdities of contemporary materialism. I apply a certain scepticism to dismantle monumental intent and then, by mixing (rather than layering), I splice the remains into a melange of imagery and thoughtful lyric complemented by playful language. For me writing poetry is a habit, a disorganised ritual. My poetic inventories begin in everyday bricolage. Real things interrupt the poems the same way thoughts and phrases do. You know - the fridge over there, the bus stop, surf music on a radio, a raisin squashed against a floor tile - always backgrounding a connection to the 'social' as the poems make political and personal associative links. Though disquiet is present it is usually temporary - an optimistic wit plays through my poetry as a kind of placebo. But, in the end, my aim is to let the language do the work.

    "What is very different (from previous work) is that the new collection, prompted by several longer works in my previous book (Missing up), will comprise a series of long poems - each around 30-35 A4 pages in length. This is a fresh direction in my writing practice. The style will still be discursive and the approach will be fragmentary allowing for some visual drift and room to move on the page - which is a way of opening poetry up as well as slowing the pace for the reader."

    For over four decades Pam Brown has been active in all kinds of ventures in the multitudinous and continually shifting realm of Australian poetry and in other cultural scenes. Since 1971 she has published many books, chapbooks and an e-book and has been an editor for several magazinesIn 2014 she edited ten booklets of new poetry, the deciBels series, for Vagabond Press. She has always held a variety of day jobs but happily avoided a career in any one of them. Pam Brown was born in Seymour, Victoria in 1948. She grew up on military bases in Queensland which possibly 'explains something'. With stints in various local and foreign cities, she has spent most of her adult life living and working in Sydney. She has a blog at thedeletions.blogspot.com and a books site at pambrownbooks.blogspot.com.au Her most recent collection was Missing Up (2015).

    Forthcoming 2018.

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